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Terms and conditions

Booking conditions

Cancellations must be notified in writing and a response from Outdoor Active provided.

You will be asked to confirm (via email or writing) the total number of participants on the course four weeks before the course start date. All outstanding balances must be cleared in full by four weeks before the course start date

1. The client signing the booking form does so for all persons in the group. The signing of the booking form shall constitute acceptance by the client(s) of the booking conditions as set out within this document. If for any reason the booking cannot be accepted, the deposit will be promptly refunded in full, but Outdoor Active cannot accept liability for any delay or any additional expense incurred on that account.

2. Outdoor Active require a deposit of 10% of the total course costs sent with the booking form to. Once the funds are received this constitutes the agreement of booking.

3. Outdoor Active reserves the right to cancel any course booking provided that in such event an attempt will be made to offer the client an alternative course but if no such alternative is available the clients shall be entitled to a full refund.

Behaviour conditions

5. The client will at all times during the course in the interest of safety (which is paramount importance) promptly comply with all reasonable instructions or advice given to him by or on behalf of Outdoor Active. If the client fails to comply with such instructions or advice, Outdoor Active and its sub contractors reserves the right to exclude the client from the course or refuse carriage of him / her at any time. Outdoor Active does not accept any responsibility for any loss, expense or damage arising because of the clients failure to comply with the safety guidelines.

6. The client shall provide suitable clothing, equipment and footwear. Advice on such clothing, equipment and footwear will be given on request. However, upon receipt of the deposit Outdoor Active Sports will send out all relevant details (including the kit list) in the “schedule”. Outdoor Active does not accept liability whatsoever for any losses, claims, injuries or liabilities suffered, incurred or arising as a result of any defect in or the unsuitability of any clothing, equipment or footwear provided by the client. All specialist equipment, where required, will be provided by Outdoor Active.

7. Outdoor Active Sports reserves the right to alter the price of any specialist course or equipment hire charge, at any time. However, Outdoor Active will endeavour to give the client every notification of such increase.

8. The course commencement date is the date Outdoor Active start to work on the course. For educational trips / residential trips this includes the planning phase, which may be before the specified course dates. From this date any cancellation of the course will incur the loss of the deposit.

9. In the event of the client wishing to cancel a booking, the following charges will apply:

Start of agreement – four weeks before course date

Deposit only- Four weeks – 0 Days

FULL CHARGE of total number booked

As this information is made freely available on www.outdooractivesports and is clearly labelled on the homepage it is assumed that any booking received will have read and understood these terms and conditions.