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Enjoying a raft building session after a hard expedition Silver Duke of Edinburgh

Why our Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions’ courses are so good

A unique feature of Outdoor Actives’ Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions is the amount of choice we give you and the flexibility of our packages. We have designed 4 different options for the Silver Award; one of which will suit your needs and budget.

  • 1 day training in school – On this day our experienced staff come to your school, college, university, or a suitable place of your choice and deliver a day packed full of interesting training scenarios that put in place the fundamental building blocks needed on your expedition.
  • 3 day Training Expedition – This is the start of the student’s time looking at the skills they need to learn in the “real” outdoor environment. Obviously, we have to do this gradually, and the first day will include meeting the staff, look at camp craft and cooking with stoves. We’ll also introduce the skills needed for safe and efficient travel (in the discipline you have chosen, walking, kayak, or canoe. The second and third days will build on the foundations laid down in day one with more time developing the skills needed. After the training, and following a post course discussion and verbal action plan, you can head home.
  • 3 day Qualifying Expedition – This is the real “nitty and gritty” of the whole process up to this point. The students will be expected to be self sufficient for 3 days and 2 nights having planned their route, food, emergency procedures etc. Obviously, we are realistic with this and do a thorough check of their kit, route cards, safety strategies etc. Following completion of the expedition we will have a roundup of events, and what to do next chat.
  • 7 day package – We run all three of the above elements of the D of E Silver Award expedition as a package. This is discounted and represents the best method to arrange the whole process as continuity is maintained and relationships built. 

How much does it cost?

Our streamlined business structure allows us to provide top quality Duke of Edinburgh award courses at a very reasonable price. The following prices are per person:

< 10 people10-30 people>30 people
1 Day - Training in school£35£35£35
3 Day - Practice expedition£135£135£135
3 Day - Qualifying expedition£135£135£135
7 Day - Complete package£299£299£299

What does the price include?

  • All safety equipment for the education programme.
  • All risk assessments, kit lists, and contact with us to ensure the most well organised programme possible.
  • All paper work signed off for your school / organisation, LEA’s, D of E Operating Authorities etc.
  • All transport whilst on the course.
  • All equipment needed including; rucksacks, tents, sleeping mats, stoves, fuel, boots, maps & compass. 
  • Campsite costs for the expedition nights only.
  • Walking expeditions only. Kayak / canoe  /Mtb expeds incur an extra charge of £10 pp / pd.

How to book

So, if you already know we can help you with your D of E requirements please contact us with your exact needs. Or if you have any questions not answered in the D of E pages, again, please feel free to ask us them directly. You can contact us via the phone number and email found at the top of the page. Or, fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.


Email Outdoor Active at or call us on 07971 562512

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