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Learn the skills to climb in places like this Learn to Lead Climb

“The North West corner of Wales hosts some of the most celebrated and historically celebrated important rock climbs in the world” (Simon Panton, 2006)

Who’s a Learn to lead climb course for?

People with some previous climbing experience, whether that is leading indoors or seconding outdoors is not important. We can tailor the course to your previous experience. However, please be honest with us about what you have done, and realistic in your expectations. That way you will get the most from the course and develop at the rate which suits you best.

What you get . . . the skills

What you get . . . the package

Pre event – We will liaise with you to ensure the smooth organisation of the trip, provide you with a kit list, and answer any questions you may have. We can also provide equipment for this course at no extra cost.

During the event – Firstly, we will meet you or at least ring you the night before your course to ensure all the group made it safely to the activity location and everybody has the equipment needed.

  • Day 1 –The first day looks at the basics, including safe and effective movement around the mountain. Quickly we will then move on to why you actually came to us; to get you on the rock! Obviously, where we start depends on your personal experience. But it will generally involve a recap of the basics, then swiftly progress on to more advanced techniques; such as laybacking, smearing, jamming etc. The Ropework will look at belaying, protecting yourself and your partner, and we’ll run through good anchors and how to rate placements of gear. All in all, a lot of information, but we’ll soon get you confident to lead your own climbs!
  • Day 2 – So, the main aim of this days is to build on the skills gained in day 1. Maybe this will involve practicing your newly acquired skills on a harder route, or moving to an environment, or rock type you haven’t been to before.

Summary of what’s included

  • Pre event support on logistics and equipment
  • Meeting or phone call the night before the course to make sure everybody is fit and healthy
  • A qualified MIA (or MIA trainee under supervision)
  • A guide to client ratio of 1:2
  • Guided from start to finish
  • A digital photo album of the event
  • An action plan of what to do next

How much does this cost?

*= no accommodation. Nights in a premium bunkhouse can be added for £25 per person / per night.

How to book

So, if you already know we can help you with your requirements please contact us with your exact needs. Or if you have any questions not answered in these pages, again, please feel free to ask us them directly. You can contact us via the phone number and email found at the top of the page. Or, fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page. Also, take a look at our calendar to see what “Open to All Skills Courses” are coming up soon.

Learn more

Don’t fancy this; think its a bit hard for you? If so, look at our guided rock climbing course, perfect for those people with some climbing  experience, but who dont yet feel confident to lead climb.


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