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Gorge scrambling with Outdoor Active Gorge Walking

What is Gorge walking (some time known as Canyoning)?

Gorge walking or Canyoning in North Wales is an exhilarating outdoor activity that is the unmatched choice for those that want to see the most awe-inspiring sights Snowdonia, North Wales has hidden away, think of canyoning in North Wales like exploring a lost kingdom, with dripping water, obstacles to negotiate, and challenges to overcome! Canyoning and Gorge walking is the wet and fun way of walking up a river and sliding down parts of it!

Where will I be doing it?

Because Outdoor Active is situated on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, close to the climbing Mecca of Snowdonia in North Wales, there is no shortage of opportunities to get wet, have some fun, and experience the thrill of canyoning. In Snowdonia, near the Isle of Anglesey we have some of the finest, most breathtaking gorges in Britain.

What are the benefits?

Excitement, discovery and awe, Imagine stepping under the crystal clear waters of a waterfall or jumping into a plunge pool carved by thousands of years of flowing water. Along with exploration you will see the forces responsible for carving the world we live in today and flora and fauna that inhabit these enchanted places.

How to book

If you want more information on what a half day adventure consists of, more the timings, kit, expectations etc, and a link to pay for a session please look at the Half day Adventures page

If there is less than 4 in your group, we ask you to  take a look at our “Open adventure sessions”. These are sessions where we put smaller groups together to make the day better for everyone! Then contact us via email, phone or contact form with your decision.

If you have a family of 4 or more, or have got some friends to come along then please look at our Half day Adventures page and contact us with your prefered time and date.

Learn more

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